Secure web hosting

No secure hosting, no web site.

The security of your site and your host is essential !

About web server security

It is essential to choose a secure web hosting solution.

For several years, the threat of attacks against websites has grown. One of the most dangerous forms of attack for a company is the hacking of its data.

Having your information stolen can have serious consequences. The intrusion of an outside person into the computer system can lead to the destruction of the system, the loss of all information, and the loss of access to the site.

Faced with these increasingly present dangers, it has become essential for a company to secure its website and data.

There are more and more solutions to protect yourself from cyberattacks by choosing secure web hosting.

The different services

Data backup

Regular backup of your site data is essential to ensure that it remains available even in the event of a security problem.

Using the SFTP protocol

Hosting offers that are secure use another secure protocol: SFTP ou Secure File Transfer Protocol.


A good web host makes sure to update its servers regularly so that they operate optimally and offer a very high level of security.

Work Experience

Web security engineer
Web security engineer
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Web Designer
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Web Developer
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All these valuable tips allowed me to choose my host well, thank you for that.

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I can stay up to date on new advances in web security.

Thank you very much for the valuable advice.

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